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Training in ProfiAuto Serwis

Topics of training courses in ProfiAuto Serwis

Training sessions take place in a car repair shop that belongs to a particular ProfiAuto Serwis, and they are divided in two parts – a theoretical part and a practical part (in a car repair shop). The first part is a theoretical lecture that lasts approx. 2-4 hours. It discusses the topic of a particular training course from scratch, i.e. the structure of first systems, principle of operation, typical defects and troubleshooting, and options of system diagnostics. The second part is comprised of practical classes in a particular ProfiAuto Serwis, which consist in the discussing and carrying out proper assembly of some of the elements, performing proper measurements on elements, methods of studying such elements, and procedures of repairs and diagnostics.

Depending on the topic of training, we will sometimes need a different car than the Peugeot 207 provided by us. For example, it will be required when conducting training in ESP, FAP/DPF, and SBC/EPB systems.

The practical classes are based on the using of diagnostic testers (TEXA NAVIGATOR/DIRECT, GUTMANN MM55/MM42, and GP100), which are provided by the instructor. The same applies to a slide projector, should there be a large number of car mechanics attending.