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The automotive vision honoured with the Piotr Tochowicz award


The ceremonial gala of the 25th anniversary of Temot International took place in May in Barcelona. More than 400 guests, mainly representatives of the members of the association, participated in the celebration. During the event, the Piotr Tochowicz award, named after one of the founders of Moto-Profil, was granted for the first time. It is an award for young visionaries in the aftermarket sector.

Temot International is one of the largest independent international organisations of spare part distributors. It is composed of almost 80 shareholders operating in 87 countries all over the world. Moto-Profil has been one of its active members since 2002.
Piotr Tochowicz, one of the founders of Moto-Profil, was first the President and then a member of the Supervisory Board of Temot for many years. The first award in his honour went to Bjarni Ingimar Júlíusson from Iceland who professionally creates software for the aftermarket industry. The chapter consisting of the members of the Supervisory Board of Temot and invited representatives of suppliers appreciated his attitude, forward thinking and involvement in all new technologies that appear as part of the automotive market.
– It is a great honour for me to receive the Piotr Tochowicz award for the innovation of activities on behalf of myself and of Clicksale and Stilling, during the annual meeting of Temot International in Barcelona – wrote Bjarni Ingimar Júlíusson, the winner of the award, on his profile.
– Innovation, vision and modern technologies – all these elements were very important for Piotr and were reflected in his business activities. The award, granted by the international body, is a perfect tribute to his memory and highlights his ideas which we continue – says Leszek Żurek, the President of Moto-Profil.
The award for the young visionaries in the industry will be a cyclical event. It will be decided by the dedicated chapter.

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