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Changes in Moto-Profil Management Board


Michał Tochowicz became the new president of Moto-Profil and replaced Mr. Leszek Żurek, one of the three co-founders and a long-term member of the management board of our company.

 Leszek Żurek has been associated with Moto-Profil since 1993. Over the years, he was responsible, among others, for financial and logistical matters, and from 2019 he was the president of the management board. Now he became the chairman of the supervisory board, and the position of the company's president was taken over by Michał Tochowicz.

- My resignation is a natural result of generational changes in Moto-Profil. I am sure that the younger generation, led by Michał Tochowicz, with whom I have worked hand in hand in recent years, will successfully continue the path of dynamic growth of the company and our business partners. I am proud that for almost three decades I have had the opportunity to build such a great organization and cooperate with such exceptional people as you are. Now, however, it is time to devote more time to my family – says Leszek Żurek.

Michał Tochowicz has been associated with Moto-Profil from the beginning of his professional career. Thanks to this, he had the opportunity to get to know the company in every aspect of its activity. He started working in a warehouse, then he was responsible, among others, for the organization of events and ProfiAuto project, and later – for the strategic development of the brand. For two years, as a vice-president, he mainly dealt with legal and HR issues, actively supporting the work of other departments of the company. In 2020, he joined the supervisory board of TEMOT International – one of the world's largest associations of spare parts distributors – working to develop industry standards.

 - I accept a new role with enthusiasm, being aware of the responsibility it entails. Moto-Profil is a very dynamic organism, in which Leszek had a huge share and for which I am extremely grateful. Together with the team, we will continue the development of new technologies and parts distribution channels in Poland and abroad, while maintaining the current nature of cooperation with you – our business partners. I am sure Leszek will be proud of our actions. As proud as would be my mentor – my late Dad - sums up Michał Tochowicz.


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