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Moto-Profil celebrates its 25th anniversary


The year 2018 is a year of double celebration for Moto-Profil. It marks not only a quarter-century of the company's existence, but also the fifteenth edition of the ProfiAuto Show. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the company has planned a number of promotions and activities aimed primarily at business partners.

- Through the time of 25 years of operation, we have created a business model based on partnership and cooperation, which we supported with advertising and image-related projects tailored to the needs of our partners. It is they, local wholesalers, stores and car service shops, who are the beneficiaries of Moto-Profil's initiatives and they drive us to continuous development - says Piotr Tochowicz, President of Moto-Profil.

In 2017, the company and its business partners recorded one of the best periods in the history of their cooperation. This is evidenced by, among other things, a 25% increase in sales in relation to 2016, the activity of partners in Poland and abroad, the need to expand the company's warehouse by almost 30% (now it covers 45,000 m2, and the value of stored car parts and accessories exceeds EUR 60 million) as well as numerous awards and distinctions.

During its jubilee year, Moto-Profil plans to continue its tried and tested initiatives and undertake a number of innovative activities. Already at the beginning of the year, the company added tyres to its offer. In the following months, it intends to focus on the development of the ProfiAuto project. One of the most important events will also be the 15th edition of the ProfiAuto Show, organised this time under the slogan "A New Era in the Automotive Industry". This slogan also guides other activities in which the brand is involved. These activities include, among other things, further development of the ProfiAuto Serwis network - a project as part of which over 1400 car service shops in Poland and over 100 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2016 have adopted the orange colour of the brand. As part of ProfiAuto Serwis, implementation of an innovative application for drivers has also been planned, automating the repair and maintenance process in ProfiAuto's service shops, as well as support for workshops in the field of hybrid cars through the organisation of dedicated trainings.

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