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Moto-Profil looks forward: a new vision of the company and meeting partners


After the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Moto-Profil has returned to regular meetings with business partners. During the conference series which started in September 2022, we presented a new vision of the company's development and a response to the challenges of the future in the Polish and global aftermarket industry.

The new vision of 2030+, that is: what will the aftermarket industry be facing?

In September, almost 400 guests from Poland and abroad took part in the ProfiAuto Partner Conference (a brand owned by Moto-Profil). During the annual celebration of the company and its business partners, one of the many issues which the representatives of Moto-Profil presented was a new vision of the company: We ensure mobility – today and tomorrow, which means focusing not only on our current operations, but also on the changes that await the aftermarket industry in the coming years. In this context, at the conference, we hosted Dr. Mario Herger, an expert and author of many books and lectures on the impact of new technologies on people, who draws on his experience from working in the Silicon Valley in the USA to advise global companies on implementing innovation in business. In addition, Moto-Profil specialists talked about the development of our key R&D projects, including the new version of the ProfiAuto Catalogue, the ProfiAuto Virtual Workshop project and the first mobile application in Poland for customers of automotive services. The substantive part of the conference ended with the award gala for network partners who distinguished themselves last year in key areas of business activity, such as the use of modern IT tools, marketing or operational excellence.

“We have devoted the last three years not only to the struggle with the pandemic and the improvement of existing projects for our business partners. We have also used this time to look forward and think about how the future will affect our industry and how to prepare for it together”, said Michał Tochowicz, President of Moto-Profil. “The development of electromobility, changing trends in the use of cars and new legal regulations make it necessary to proactively think about the aftermarket. At the same time, we have to be aware of the fact that not only do we distribute parts, but we also provide mobility to millions of drivers in Poland and Europe. Hence, the new vision of Moto-Profil: We ensure mobility – today and tomorrow, as well as the related concept and slogan promoting the ProfiAuto network: We Service Your Confidence, addressed to customers of automotive services. We are well aware of the fact that we must constantly work on the development of tools that use modern technologies on the border of IT, virtual reality and Business Intelligence, so that our business partners may also be a step ahead of the competition in a few years’ time – just like the best companies in the world do it and like we have been doing it for years in our flagship project – ProfiAuto. At the same time, we do not forget that business is here and now”, added Michał Tochowicz.

During the banquet part of the event, which took place in the evening, there was also an auction of neon signs – the main theme of the ProfiAuto 2022 automotive calendar. All the proceeds from the action were donated to charity. The partners of the event included leading suppliers of parts and accessories for the automotive industry, including: AS-PL, ATE, Brembo, Castrol, ContiTech, Driv – Monroe, Febi Bilstein, Filtron, Gates, Osram, Phillips, ProfiPower, Schaeffler, Tomex, Valeo, VARTA, ZF Aftermarket and Zimmermann.

Conferences for owners of automotive repair shops

In October 2022, Moto-Profil also launched a series of conferences for owners of car repair shops associated in the ProfiAuto Serwis network. As in the case of conferences for partner stores and wholesalers, these meetings were also designed to introduce the repair shop owners to the new vision of the company's development, as well as the challenges that await the industry in connection with the ongoing revolution in the automotive world.

The ProfiAuto Serwis conferences were also focused on the challenges awaiting the repair shops. We emphasised, among other issues, the fact that the nature of the mechanic's work will change in the coming years – from a traditionally understood service technician to a specialist in the field of mechatronics and IT. We also discussed the development of Moto-Profil's own brands – ProfiPower, OYODO and JPN,
the effectiveness of running a car repair shop in times of inflation, as well as innovative R&D tools, such as an application for arranging visits to the repair shop by drivers. The company's special project team also presented a revolutionary project titled ProfiAuto Virtual Workshop, which is being introduced in mechanical schools in order to learn the profession of a mechanic using modern technologies in the field of virtual reality.

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