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Moto-Profil with a series of exceptional events for its 30th anniversary


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Moto-Profil, one of the largest distributors of automotive parts and accessories in Poland, is entering the fourth decade of its business activities. In connection with the jubilee, the owner of the ProfiAuto brand has planned a series of special events, promotions and competitions for business partners for this year. In March, the company presented, among other things, its new logo and new website, which correspond to the recently introduced vision - “We provide mobility - today and tomorrow”.

Moto-Profil is preparing a number of innovations for 2023, which will help the company’s customers develop their businesses faster in Poland and Europe. These will include such things as: the new parts catalogue, the development of software for managing automotive outlets, and the expansion of the commercial offer with further products, including the range of the company's own brands: ProfiPower, Oyodo and JPN. At the same time, the company has planned a series of special events for its 30th anniversary, aimed at both customers and employees of Moto-Profil. These will include:

  • the jubilee competition for business partners, with a record number of awards in the history of Moto-Profil, which is about to start in April,
  • the jubilee edition of the conference for customers from Poland and Europe, planned to be held in the fourth quarter of 2023,
  • a series of picnics for Moto-Profil employees in all locations throughout Poland, combined with competitions and numerous attractions.

As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, Moto-Profil has also introduced changes with regard to the company’s strategy in aspects other than strictly business ones. These include the new website, which is characterised by greater functionality, a user-friendly interface and content profiled for international expansion, among other things. Another new addition is the refreshed visual identity system, which is changing for the first time since the beginning of the company’s business operations. This applies to the new Moto-Profil’s logo, which still refers to the company’s tradition, but combines it with a modern design. The basic element is the letter “M”, which has been the symbol of Moto-Profil since 1993, divided into three parts; in the middle, it contains an element that refers to development, a road and a tachometer needle. Thus, it refers to the company’s ambition to increase its presence throughout Europe, in accordance with the vision presented last year: “We provide mobility – today and tomorrow.”

‘The 30 years of Moto-Profil is in fact a reflection of the development of the free automotive market in Poland since the early 1990s. Our company, as well as the entire sector, has changed a lot in the last three decades and grown at an exceptional pace. Today, we can say safely that for us the last 2 or 3 years have been a time of exceptional evolution in the approach to business and operational processes and new technologies. Nevertheless, one thing has always remained unchanged: our operating philosophy, which is based on good and transparent relationships. However, the development of Moto-Profil would not have been possible without our fantastic team and business partners. We would like to thank them for the 30 years we have enjoyed together, hence we are planning celebrations on a scale never before seen in the company’s history,’ says Michał Tochowicz, the President of Moto-Profil.

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