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Moto-Profil takes a look back at 15 editions of the ProfiAuto Show


Over 420,000 guests, close to 210 hours of attractions in total during all the previous editions of the ProfiAuto Show and a 4-fold increase in the exhibition space over 15 years. Moto-Profil has prepared statistics showing the growth of the largest automotive event of this type in southern Poland. - The fair is a very important event for both the company and its business partners - emphasise the company's representatives.

This year’s edition of ProfiAuto Show turned out to be record-breaking in many respects - including the number of exhibitors and visitors. A look at the statistics for all fifteen editions of the fair shows the scale of the event. Over the years, ProfiAuto Show has been visited by more than 420,000 guests who have had the opportunity to enjoy automotive attractions for over 210 hours in total. Exhibitors have prepared a total of about 2,000 stands. The exhibition space has also grown impressively. The first fair was organised on an area of approximately 7,000 square metres, and the 2018 edition occupied as much as 20,000 square metres of exhibition space.

- The idea of ​​the automotive fair is doing extremely well. The example of the ProfiAuto Show clearly shows that such events are readily and frequently visited, provided that there is a concept for their form and growth. For many years we have been talking about our fair as a celebration of the automotive industry. It is primarily an event organised for our partners and suppliers. Representatives of companies who are mainly in remote contact with each other on a daily basis can finally sit down and talk face-to-face. This is close to the partnership-based approach and business philosophy, according to which we operate - explains Piotr Tochowicz, CEO of Moto-Profil.

For many years, the fair has enjoyed the status of an event with international significance. For representatives of wholesalers and automotive stores as well as the repair shop environment, the fair is an opportunity to find out about what top brands are proposing and participate in substantive training. For exhibitors, it is an opportunity to integrate with customers and present new products. For car enthusiasts, which also include representatives of the two previous groups, ProfiAuto Show is great entertainment. The event also has a local dimension, because it is the only automotive trade fair organised in the centre of the capital of the Silesia Province, in the modern International Congress Centre and at the Spodek - a venue with cult status in Poland. That is why the fair has enjoyed the patronage of the Mayor of Katowice for many years.

- For fifteen years we have witnessed the incredible evolution of the trade fair organised by Moto-Profil, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as the solutions presented from the automotive industry. The modern exhibition hall allows us to organise a fair with a high level of design, and we, as exhibitors, cannot be detached from the realities of the modern automotive market and we have to respond very quickly to the changes taking place there. This opportunity is offered by the organisers of the ProfiAuto Show, which is why we will definitely meet in Katowice next year - emphasizes Jarosław Danel from the company Monroe, participating in the fair as an exhibitor since the first edition.

The history of the event began in 2004 under the name International Trade Fair of Technical Knowledge and Training. At that time, for the first time, the leading spare parts manufacturers had the opportunity to present their offer of technical support for independent car services. Gradually, the formula was widened - subsequent editions were accompanied, in addition to industry presentations, also by shows and attractions addressed to a wider audience. Since 2009, the event has been officially named ProfiAuto Show and is enriched every year with current automotive trends.

- This year, our motto was “New Era of the Automotive Industry". According to the attendance, the idea of ​​presenting the latest industry solutions worked well. ProfiAuto Show 2019 will definitely be a new version of the fair. In the case of events on this scale, work on the next edition begins just after the end of the previous one, but we will reveal the details in a little while - adds Piotr Tochowicz.


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