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Trade fair record: ProfiAuto Show 2018


150 exhibitors, 20,000 square metres of exhibition space and 40,000 guests, of which almost 1/4 were mechanics - the anniversary 15th edition of one of the largest automotive fairs in Poland was record-breaking in many respects. During the ProfiAuto Show 2018 you could definitely feel the acceleration with which the automotive industry is developing.

Lectures and meetings with motorsport stars and celebrities, presentations of the latest solutions (including hybrids or photovoltaics), trade fair premières (including Lexus ES and Yamaha Niken) and other attractions presenting the "New Era in the Automotive Industry" filled the programme of ProfiAuto Show 2018. The most important representatives of the industry, professionals from all over Poland and around the world, as well as fans of the automotive industry, visited the fair in large numbers.

The industry part of the fair included presentations and technological premières in the booths of 150 exhibitors - the world's major automotive concerns, manufacturers of automotive parts, accessories and workshop equipment. Presentations included overviews of new products and hot industry trends, such as electrical or photovoltaic solutions. Modern technologies also dominated the training part of the fair. Mechanics participated in discussion panels, among others, on the latest solutions in cooling systems, gearboxes and brake systems. An exceptional lecture was prepared for the employees and owners of repair shops associated in the ProfiAuto Serwis network, with the participation of one of the best rally drivers in Poland - Krzysztof Hołowczyc and his pilot, European champion - Maciej Wisławski. The latest solutions for repair shops were presented and tested by all those interested in a special mechanic zone. They also had a chance to participate in competitions with valuable prizes, thanks to which they could expand the equipment of their workshops.

- "The New Era in the Automotive Industry" is already underway and is bringing a lot of emotions and interesting products with it. During the 15th ProfiAuto Show, we showed its significance to professionals and enthusiasts of the automotive industry.  We are very happy with this edition and with the high attendance. Many of the growing number of exhibitors emphasised the fact that, for them, this is the most important event with such a profile. The first statistics also show that we were visited by a record number of specialists: mechanics and shop owners who are a very important group of guests for us - summarises Michał Tochowicz, director of strategy and development at ProfiAuto.

There was also an entertainment part of the fair which mainly consisted of FMX shows with the participation of the best European competitors, spectacular acrobatics (including a one-wheeled driving simulator, 360 degree acrobatics in a cross in a closed metal ball or sideways driving in a 500-hp BMW) as well as premières and presentations of supercars. The Lexus ES had its European première during the ProfiAuto Show 2018. BMW HP4 Race and Yamaha Niken were shown for the first time in southern Poland. Crowds of visitors were also able to admire the latest models of brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Tesla and Infiniti. Meetings with the biggest automotive stars were also very popular among the visitors.

The fair was held in Katowice, Poland on June 23-24. It covered twenty thousand square metres of exhibition space.

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