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Profi-Biznes is a sales support application, dedicated to automotive shops and wholesale outlets. This application meets the specific requirements set by the automotive industry, in relation to such applications.

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The most important features that make this application different from other – usually quite general and "multi-trade" – applications include the following:

  • A multitude of fields that can be used to describe and distinguish products.
  • Many ways to search for parts, using catalogue numbers, OE numbers or numbers of substitutes, as well as the possibility of quick searching for parts, using the Moto-Części catalogue.
  • Expanded system of substitutes.
  • The possibility of running a number of branch offices and warehouses, including telework.
  • Expanded options of reporting and analysing, including the possibility of exporting lists to external files.
  • Debt management system.
  • System for online ordering – the possibility of accepting orders sent from Moto-Części.
  • Advanced system of attributing privileges to application users.
  • Automatic online downloading of the invoices issued by a supplier.
  • Automation of the processes related to sales, e.g. automatic generating of appropriate cash documents, if payments are made in cash, or blocking of a contractor who falls behind with payments.
  • Advanced management of print-outs, including location management.

Windows architecture

Thanks to the window-based architecture of the application, it is possible to simultaneously run a number of process on the same computer. The user can iconize the window with an open, unfinished received receipt document, and start a different process, e.g. issue an invoice. Window-based work is also very useful, when a salesman is processing an order sent via fax, and must interrupt it to serve a different customer. Thus, they can iconize one document and open another one, in a new window.

Card file with contractors.

The card file includes the option of scheduling clients, which makes it possible to assign sales specialists, numbers in an accounting system, a route number if products are to be delivered, etc., to them. Furthermore, the user can use a wide selection of individual levels of data access and secure the visibility of purchase prices and margins. There is also an additional option of generating commercial offers with discounts for a particular client, including the possibility of checking inventory balance and accepting orders sent online. In addition to standard contact data, users can provide special data, such as website address or a general e-mail address of the company, and also:

  • Customer service, i.e. assigning a particular sales specialist.
  • Region of operation.
  • Factor, i.e. our bank account number to which a particular client makes payment to.

There is the possibility of determining individual selling prices for a client, among others, by using a discount structure, or an additional discount granted, when paying by cash (for example). Finally, there is also an embedded function of automatic blocking of contractors, according to selected parameters.

List of goods.

The application makes it possible to quickly search and sort goods, according to:

  • Prefix and index;
  • Name;
  • Original number;

There is also a tool that enables searching and adding new /removing substitutes. The Profi-Biznes application has been integrated with the Moto-Części catalogue, which facilitates quick searching and selling of goods, via the catalogue.

Customer service

The application makes it possible to quickly search and sort contractors, according to:

  • Abbreviated name
  • Name
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Code in the financial and accounting system

Accepting orders and selling

Standard sequence of documents: Booking – Delivery note – Invoice or delivery note – Invoice.
Quick sale: Basket – Invoice / Receipt.
Prices are calculated automatically, according to a discount structure or special prices.
Delivery notes are settled according to items, not according to whole documents.
The possibility of exporting an invoice to a file.


Automatic online downloading of the invoices issued by a supplier.
Deliveries can be generated manually or by importing from a file, e.g. from an invoice exported from the supplier's system.
Delivery notes can be "suspended", i.e. prepared, interrupted without completing, and completed at a different time.
When a received receipt note has been approved, goods are added to inventory balance.

Reports and analyses

The Profi-Biznes application includes an expanded set of reports, such as:

  • Inventory balance report
  • Overall report
  • Report on non-moving inventory analysis
  • List of sales documents

... and many others.

The application also includes the "Turnover Table" module, which enables the analysing of sales, by contractors or prefixes of goods.

Data import

The applications enables a relatively simple method of importing new card files from an external file, including the necessary information, such as:

  • Selling price
  • Manufacturer
  • Name and description
  • Original number, required to cross connect with substitutes
  • Contractor
  • Discount

Online orders sent by clients

The application has an integrated function of online ordering, i.e. sending it directly from the Offer to the Warehouse and Moto-Profil.
Should particular goods be non-existent in the warehouse, the system automatically sends a query to Moto-Profil, and provides feedback on availability to a car repair shop. The warehouse just has to confirm the order.

Central office - branch office management

The application has been designed to manage many branch offices and, as a result, many warehouses, in a hassle-free manner.

Print server

The innovative approach to printing documents make it possible for us to create a printing system with centralised management of prints. Thanks to a system of privileges, we are able to determine which documents shall be printed for a particular user, and with which printer model.

Please, contact the Department of Implementations, to download a trial version:
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