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Customer Zone - workshop support


Is the most frequently used technical programme, when conducting independent training courses. It enables, among others, the identifying of EOBD fault codes, expanded with a diagnostic wizard, which walks the user step by step through the discovered faults and helps fix them. The wizard contains information concerning the deleting of service inspections, valve timing diagrams, and detailed repair procedures with assembly drawings.

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Equipment for car repair shops

Is our answer to the needs of our clients. It enables satisfying all requirements of car mechanics, in a comprehensive manner. Our offer includes manual tools manufactured by renowned producers, specialist tools, and equipment for repair shops (jacks, ventilation systems for combustion gases, compressors, etc.). We also offer a wide range of diagnostic tests, devices that control air-conditioning systems and wheel alignment systems – in the case of such equipment, we provide presentations, start-ups, and professional training sessions for interested car mechanics.

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Support for Educational Institutions

We offer our support to vocational schools oriented to motor vehicle engineering and to institutions of higher education. We provide educational facilities with free-of-charge licences to the Moto-Serwis software, and conduct both theoretical and practical classes (training courses). In co-operation with universities of technology, we conduct Technical Workshops, i.e. a cycle of professional training sessions for car mechanics, academic teachers, and students.

Technical Assistance

Supplements the technical data contained in the Moto-Serwis programme – technical assistance is entirely free of charge. Diagnostic or repair procedures are provided by phone or e-mail, and we also provide diagrams and drawings, and often walk a car mechanic through the repair process, step by step.