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Projects and Partners


ProfiAuto brings together the largest wholesalers, the best shops and the most efficient workshops. Over the years, through the latest technological and business solutions, and developed distribution system, the company meets the expectations of customers.

ProfiAuto Show

The International Technical Knowledge and Training Fair is the most valued fair for the industry of professional distributors of vehicle parts and equipment for car repair shops. This is the only two-day event of this kind in Poland, combining trade exhibitions with professional training, presentations of products and services, and brand new technologies. It gained its enormous popularity, thanks to "live workshops" that popularize specialist knowledge passed on by outstanding experts.

ProfiAuto Blog

Everything that refers to the automotive market – cars tests, the latest models and returns to the history, event reports, diagnostics, repairs and useful tips – in one place. This is the core of ProfiAuto Blog, page fully devoted to automotive fans and enthusiasts.

Moto Flota

MOTO-FLOTA is a specialized management system for vehicle services, which scope of application covers whole Poland. The scope of the programme includes all services regarding quick repairs, comprehensive mechanical overhauls, and diagnostics for passengers cars and LCV of all makes, regardless of their age and mileage.

Temot International

Temot International is a strategic alliance, operating globally in the independent automotive and commercial vehicles aftermarket since 1994. In total it comprises 54 shareholders, active in 53 countries worldwide. In 2015 the organization grew by 15% and produced aggregate total revenues in excess of € 8 billion. TEMOT shareholders are among the best and brightest Automotive Aftermarket organizations in their geographical area of operation. They all operate at the first trade level, providing a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. Their core business includes trade with spare parts, accessories, garage equipment, tools, engine parts, car paints, chemicals and body parts. TEMOT International shareholders pursue a common goal: sustainable, profitable growth through peak efficiency and optimised effectiveness.