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Conditions of notifying deliveries to Moto-Profil Logistic Centre

We are proud to inform that we activated delivery notification service in our Distribution Centre. Due to implementation of the new conditions of notification, we will be able to handle deliveries more effectively and guarantee precision of notifying the time of transport.

Consequently, every delivery to the Logistic Centre of Moto-Profil must be notified by e-mail. It is required to notify a delivery along with providing “Delivery Specification” notification file (link to the file), and to notify the transport. All details are to be sent to the notification office to the address

Contact with the Notification Office

Contact with the Purchasing and Analysis Office

Contact with the IT Department

Working hours of the Incoming Goods Department
Monday 06:00am ‒ 05:00pm
Tuesday 06:00am ‒ 05:00pm
Wednesday 06:00am ‒ 05:00pm
Thursday 06:00am ‒ 05:00pm
Friday 06:00am ‒ 05:00pm
Saturday 11:00am ‒ 02:00pm
Sunday and Holidays No deliveries

Terms and conditions of receipt of deliveries:

  • Notification of a delivery – Providing details of a delivery
  • Notification of transport – Providing information on time of making a delivery
  • Creating a notification of a delivery and transport before a physical delivery 
  • Delivery of an invoice before a physical delivery

Types of notifications:

  1. Notification of a delivery requires completing a file with details of the delivery (link to the file)

    “SUPP_DELIVERY_NUMBER” column must be obligatorily placed as the first in the file. The next columns may be in any order. A completed file will be imported into the portal for notification.

    Details such as:

    • SUPP_DELIVERY_NUMBER / Delivery number
    • LU_NUMBER / Carrier number


    • INVOICE_NUMBER / Invoice number

    Must be put on a label physically located on a logistic unit (pallet, cardboard box). Labels should contain a barcode in GS1 standard.

    Send the completed file to the address

  2. TECCOM notifying of a delivery

    To enable notification with use of Teccom module, a supplier must support all three packages:

    • Stock order – Order through Teccom
    • Despatch Advice – Advices sent by Teccom
    • Invoice Advice – Invoices sent by Teccom

    If a supplier supports all three packages, a delivery is automatically advised in WMS / TMS system.

  3. Notifying of transport

    Send the Information concerning transport also to the address