Our own brands, Oyodo and JPN, include more than 14,000 products.

The range of OYODO car parts is aimed at those who value high quality, durability and a good price. This combination guarantees the user the highest level of safety. The products in the OYODO line have been developed using the latest technologies in renowned factories that produce spare parts for world-renowned manufacturers. The brand was established in 2008 and specialises in products for Asian cars. OYODO’s current range of spare parts includes components for all makes of cars: Asian, American and European.

OYODO parts are mainly chosen by professional garages and individual customers who appreciate products that offer premium quality at a good price.

OYODO has over 7,500 references:

  • braking system components
  • suspension system components
  • steering system components
  • electrical system components
  • cooling system components
  • fuel system components
  • filters
  • bearings

We do not offer retail sales. For OYODO spare parts ask in good shops/wholesalers or your mechanic.

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