Our own brand - JPN - is tailored to the needs of Asian, American, and European cars.

The JPN brand was established in 2008, initially offering spare parts for Asian cars, mainly Japanese and Korean. JPN parts are currently produced for Asian, American and European cars.

By choosing JPN car parts, you get solid quality at an attractive price, which is ideal for those on a tighter budget. JPN parts offer the good quality and durability needed to keep the vehicle in good condition.

The brand is often chosen by people who want their vehicles repaired quickly and cost-effectively, while expecting products that meet quality standards and provide an appropriate level of safety. JPN is simply a sensible choice.

JPN has over 6,500 references:

  • braking system components
  • drive system components
  • batteries
  • radiators
  • water pumps
  • filters
  • sensors
  • hubs and bearings

We do not offer retail sales. For JPN parts ask in good shops/wholesalers or your mechanic.

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