Our own brand - JPN - is tailored to the needs of Asian, American, and European cars.

The JPN brand was established in 2008, initially offering spare parts for Asian cars, mainly Japanese and Korean. JPN parts are currently produced for Asian, American and European cars.

By choosing JPN car parts, you get solid quality at an attractive price, which is ideal for those on a tighter budget. JPN parts offer the good quality and durability needed to keep the vehicle in good condition.

The brand is often chosen by people who want their vehicles repaired quickly and cost-effectively, while expecting products that meet quality standards and provide an appropriate level of safety. JPN is simply a sensible choice.

JPN has over 6,500 references:

  • braking system components
  • drive system components
  • batteries
  • radiators
  • water pumps
  • filters
  • sensors
  • hubs and bearings

We do not offer retail sales. For JPN parts ask in good shops/wholesalers or your mechanic.

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How many own label references does Moto-Profil offer?

In total, Moto-Profil’s own brands have around 14,500 moving references.  In contrast, the JPN brand has over 6,500 references.

Where are JPN car parts manufactured?

The JPN car parts are manufactured in reputable and proven factories in Asia and Europe, which also produce spare parts for renowned manufacturers.

Who is the JPN product line aimed at?

The JPN brand is often chosen by people who want to repair their vehicles at an affordable price. However, these customers expect products that meet quality standards and provide an adequate level of safety. JPN is simply a sensible choice, available for every budget.

Where can I buy JPN car parts?

JPN parts are available exclusively from Moto-Profil dealers in Poland and abroad.

Where can I find the current product offer?

The current offer of JPN products can be found in the ProfiAuto catalogue, TecDoc and ProfiBusiness.

Why is it worth including JPN products in the offer of your automotive shop/wholesale discount?

JPN parts are of good quality and available at an attractive price. You will find several original parts in the range, sometimes in the original packaging of a well-known manufacturer. The wide range of the offer, with more than 6,500 references, which is regularly reviewed, expanded and adapted to the needs of the market, as well as their availability, are further arguments in favour of this brand. Also important is the warranty and claims handling process, which is much quicker than with other brands.

What is the complaint rate for JPN parts?

The complaint rate for own label products is low. Apart from the pre-sale complaints themselves (wrong cross, transport damage, etc.), the complaint rate itself is very low compared to similar branded products, where it is 0.13% for JPN products (against a market average of 0.52%).

How to convince customers/mechanics to buy JPN car parts?

The advantage of buying private label products is the attractive price and the possibility of achieving a higher margin on sales, which makes Moto-Profil’s private label products highly competitive. This allows the mechanic to offer his customers more competitive prices without compromising on quality. This approach increases the loyalty of existing customers and the affordable price attracts new customers.