The involvement of Moto-Profil in the automotive and aftermarket industry is much more than the distribution of automotive parts. In line with our vision “We provide mobility – today and tomorrow”, we create and engage in a number of projects, often innovative and cutting edge for the industry.


The ProfiAuto brand is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe networks of independent car shops, wholesalers and garages. Thanks to the latest technological and business solutions and the developed distribution system, it has been meeting the expectations of hundreds of thousands of customers and drivers for years.

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ProfiAuto Serwis

ProfiAuto Serwis is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe networks of independent garages, which provides full support in the form of attractive financing of garage equipment, training, special offers and preferential terms and conditions for ordering parts from the catalogue. Being a member of  the network aids business development and increases profits, while maintaining the independence of the company.

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One of the best catalogues of vehicle parts and accessories in Poland. The ProfiAuto catalogue, which makes it possible  to quickly and effectively match spare parts and accessories to all car brands, is a fully professional solution for automotive shops and garages. The catalogue contains products from more than 650 leading suppliers and 9.8 million references that are used every day by almost 50,000 users. 

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ProfiBiznes is highly specialised software adapted to the special requirements of the automotive industry. It makes retail and wholesale, warehousing, ordering and reporting much easier.

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ProfiAuto Wirtualny Warsztat

A pioneering training tool in the automotive industry used in the mechanical schools in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. ProfiAuto Wirtualny Warsztat (Virtual Garage) is computer software based on VR technology in which the user moves around a model, virtual car garage. It includes service scenarios, such as replacing brake discs and pads, shock absorbers or the battery, and corrects errors on an on-going basis, thus teaching the trainee mechanics good habits.

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Aplikacja ProfiAuto

The ProfiAuto app is the first tool in Poland that allows repairs to be carried out without drivers having to take time out of their normal daily routine. By using the app, with just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can quickly establish contact with the car garage, get a quote for the services, choose the repair date and a convenient payment method – by card, BLIK code or fast online transfer, or spread it into instalments.

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ProfiAuto software house

A software supplier for European markets – a team of independent programmers and enthusiasts of new technologies who design advanced, dedicated solutions for companies from all economic sectors all over Europe: from the automotive industry to IT. The brand has been trusted by more than 13,500 companies which have revolutionised the quality of management of their businesses. The ProfiAuto software house team is part of Moto-Profil.

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Do you need gadgets, clothes, gifts, printed materials or other advertising products? Take advantage of  ProfiGift’s offer – an advertising agency created with Moto-Profil’s business partners in mind. Bearing in mind your specific needs, our specialists suggest unique and useful materials that will strengthen the image of your company on the market.

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MOTO Flota

MOTO Flota specialises in providing comprehensive maintenance services for companies across Poland. It has been supporting entrepreneurs, car fleet managers and the car fleet management segment in managing car fleets for several years. Being part of Moto-Profil, the strengths of the company have been acknowledged in a number of business and industry rankings, receiving the Fleet Derby statuettes and the title of the “Business Gazelle” several times.

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The Association of Automotive Parts Distributors (SDCM), which is the Polish voice of the automotive industry on the international stage, belongs to the largest European organisations connected with the automotive parts sector – CLEPA and FIGIEFA. Representatives of Moto-Profil are also actively involved in SDCM; Adam Kapek, Vice President of Moto-Profil, is a member of the management board of SDCM.

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TEMOT International

One of the largest associations of spare parts distributors in the world; its objective is to improve the operating quality and efficiency of national distributors – members of the organisation. Moto-Profil has been active in the association since 2002 and won several TEMOT International awards: Best International Cooperation, Best Growth Rate and Best Shareholder. Michał Tochowicz, President of Moto-Profil, is a member of the supervisory board of the association.

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