Moto-Profil and ProfiAuto jubilee conferences: momentum, new technologies and new directions of development

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Moto-Profil and the 10th anniversary of the ProfiAuto brand, the summary of the fruitful year and a presentation of plans for the nearest, intense future - these are the most important objectives of this year's Moto-Profil Trade Partners Convention and the meeting of ProfiAuto partners.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Moto-Profil and the 10th anniversary of the ProfiAuto brand, the summary of the fruitful year and a presentation of plans for the nearest, intense future - these are the most important objectives of this year's Moto-Profil Trade Partners Convention and the meeting of ProfiAuto partners.

This year, Moto-Profil has invited its business partners and suppliers to its home - the Silesia region, where the company's history began 25 years ago. Due to the exceptional jubilee, the events planned for September 22nd stood out in comparison to all previous events organised by one of the largest distributors of parts and repair shop equipment. The tallest skyscraper in Katowice - Altus, was selected as the place for the morning conference, while the evening banquet took place in the International Congress Centre - the most modern building in the capital of Silesia, which hosts high-profile events such as the European Economic Congress and the ProfiAuto Show.

The morning conference was the sixth meeting of the partners associated in the ProfiAuto network. The owners of over 220 large automotive wholesalers and stores from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated in the event. In the unique scenery of the cinema hall, they had a chance to recall the key elements that influenced the intensive development of the network in the past year and to listen to the presentation on the directions set for the future. The guests were welcomed by the president of Moto-Profil, Piotr Tochowicz, who, among other things, spoke about the strength and future perspectives of the network.

- To be competitive on today's automotive market, you have to choose one of two ways. You can be part of a conglomerate or group together in an organisation like ours, in which the fate of all of us depends on a joint initiative. The world favours the big players and it gives them real development opportunities - he concluded.

Fotios Katsardis, President of the Temot International association, which gathers the largest global companies in the automotive sector together, spoke about the prospects of consolidation in the automotive industry and strategies on individual markets. He also stressed the importance of investments made by ProfiAuto in modern IT and communication solutions. The next speaker was Sławomir Błaszczyk, Chairman of the Program Board of ProfiAuto, who described the operational aspects of this body, which was established to give partners the opportunity to support, mark out and give an opinion on the directions of network development. Jindrich Krejci - ProfiAuto Brand Development Director in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, talked about business activities outside Poland, emphasising that, based on the Polish experience, the network's strong brand is also being built on these markets.

Details concerning this year's major initiatives taken by the ProfiAuto network were presented by Michał Tochowicz, Director of Strategy and Brand Development. During his presentation, he quoted figures confirming the growth of the ProfiAuto Serwis network and project (over 30 new partners - stores and wholesalers as well as several hundred repair shops this year), an increase in investment outlays (about 25% during the year), record attendance at this year's ProfiAuto Show (over 10,000 mechanics among trade fair guests), the development of the proprietary project ProfiAuto PitStop (over 5,000 cars checked since the beginning of the year), a successful season of ProfiRacing Cup training (640 participants) and impressive communication projects (cooperation with Adam Klimek and publication of the "Car Reliability League Table According to Polish Mechanics"). The next presentation was made by Andrzej Brylak - Business Development Representative of the Moto-Profil Board, who spoke both about the expectations of repair shop owners and end customers, and how they fit into solutions such as the ProfiAuto application or the ProfiAuto F2100 computer program for repair shops. Finally, Marcin Franc from DotConnet presented an invention that took the conference participants to automotive virtual reality - a repair shop scanner, i.e. a device used to create digital documentation of the vehicle in less than two minutes. The system, based on the latest IT solutions and artificial intelligence, is currently being tested in selected ProfiAuto shops.

The evening belonged to the Moto-Profil trade partners and company employees, who together celebrated the distributor's 25th anniversary. Over 1,100 people attended the gala. At the beginning, all those gathered had the opportunity to watch a unique film summarising 25 years of the company's existence. Using a computer game convention, it presented the most important moments in the life of Moto-Profil, with employees and board members appearing in front of the camera, taking the viewers through this story about growth and undertaking new challenges.

- From the beginning, we went with bold and even crazy ideas that were drastically different from market trends. We succeeded because the foundations of our business activity have always been three beautiful values: partnership, cooperation and loyalty. We are aware of the great responsibility for our employees and partners because people are our strength. After all, the people are the largest and only well-functioning business motor - said Piotr Tochowicz, President of Moto-Profil.

The jubilee banquet was accompanied by a spectacular artistic program. It was started by the "Film music from a Quarter Century for the 25th anniversary of Moto-Profil" gala performed by the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tomasz Szymuś, with the participation of winners and finalists of The Voice of Poland. The whole event was hosted by Maciej Orłoś and Patrycja Tomaszczyk-Kindla. During the gala, the company's management distinguished employees who have been working at Moto-Profil for 15, 20 and 25 years. Next, the company thanked its suppliers with an interesting multimedia show known from MultiVisual group's TV programs. After the gala dinner, it was time for another highlight of the evening - the performance of Hrabi cabaret. After the show, we were treated with more musical excitement thanks to a concert by Bracia and Krzysztof Cugowski with Zespół Mistrzów. For the finale, Hirek Wrona took Moto-Profil's guests on a musical journey through the last 25 years.

The event's partners were: ABS, ATE, Bosch, Brembo, Febi Bilstein, Filtron, Gates, Magneti Marelli, Mann-Filter, Philips, RTS, Schaeffler, SKF, Tenneco Monroe, Tomex, Total, Varta, ZF and Zimmermann.

However, this is not the end of the 25th anniversary celebrations. On September 30, the company's business partners will be selected who will receive 26 Opel Corsa VAN cars with a total value of nearly PLN 1.3 million as part of the "25+1 Cars for the 25th Anniversary of Moto-Profil".


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